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PaperTrl offers a fully integrated, cloud-based accounts payable (AP) automation software solution that simplifies and streamlines invoice processing and payments for mid-sized companies. From purchase order to payment, our automation tools eliminate manual data entry and handling - vastly reducing demands on your time and effort, while improving accuracy, increasing visibility, and minimizing transaction and labor costs along the way.
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Member Benefits

As the number of accounting professionals decline, organizations are turning to technology and automation to streamline manual financial processes. This leaves the professionals to focus on more analytical and strategic tasks. Along with the extra time, automation also brings several other benefits including:

- Error reduction with automated data entry
- Simplified approvals with policy-driven workflows
- Improved visibility into invoice status and cash requirements
- Scalability to manage growth without additional staff
- Improved vendor relationships with more predictable payments
- Less manual data entry with integration to accounting systems
- Easier access to financial data with cloud-based and mobile solutions
- Less time spent on repetitive tasks with artificial intelligence
- Enhanced compliance and security with built-in business rules

Testimonials / References

"The value add for [our] client is extraordinary. What they want to see is how their invoices are coming in, how they're being timestamped, how quickly they're being processed through the approval matrix, and then how quickly they're getting sent off for payments. That is a selling point and allows us to provide data on how we manage the process flow of an invoice from beginning to end…when it gets paid and is reconciled within the ERP system with the bank…and it provides them peace of mind."
- Michael Bizub, Accounts Payable Manager, Exus Management Partners
"Throughout a period of substantial expansion, a massive growth in vendors and invoices overwhelmed our organization and created significant manual work for our AP department. PaperTrl automated our entire AP process, from invoice submission to approvals to payment, for about 1,200 invoices per month from 650 vendors. The efficiencies saved us the equivalent of one FTE across various levels of staff, saving Tidewater over $100k annually."
- Jim Abbott, Vice President, Tidewater, Inc.
"I love that all departments can share the responsibility of ensuring invoices get processed in a timely fashion. Everything is just more streamlined and efficient with PaperTrl and Accounts Payable can focus on what we do best—maintaining accurate books and paying bills on time."
- Mary Young, Senior Bookkeeper, Borough of Lansdowne, PA


Shilpa Marano Chief Operating Officer
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